Developmental Work

Denim pocket detail that features throughout my designs with embroidered 1892 by hand.

Fraying denim and stitching over the top by hand

Painting onto denim and creating a running stitch through the letters by hand.

layering fabrics - sewing and cutting through to reveal different fabrics.

Hand sewing with tartan ribbon the moose logo.

Patchwork - cutting out the logo in fabric and hand stitching it onto another fabric to create a raised effect.

Development Board

of a range of fabric manipulations - thinking about how I can create finishes and techniques

Hand embroidered mooses onto denim


Example of moodboard - showing my inspirations - School uniforms, photos, tartan and preppy.

Collection Line Up

Collection consisting of 4 outfits. Shirt with hoodie and tartan lining with denim hotpants. School shirt style top with cropped zip up and skinny jeans. Long line hoodie with flared jeans. Zip up hoodie and denim skirt.

3D Spec Drawing

3D spec drawing of sleeveless top.

Casual yet creative, this small womenswear collection is based on students about to start their freshman year at Dartmouth. The concept is vintage, with the use of tartan trimmings based on an idea that the students bump into a scotmans on their way. I used washed out denims and jersey - experimented with, to give a worn and washed out feel, significant to the brand, to develop denim hotpants, hoodies and shirts, using my placement of a small denim pocket embroidered with 1892, when the brand was founded.

Rhona Anne

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