Colour Palette

consisting of Caramel, Parisian Gold, Bronze, Forrest, Noir, Charcoal, Icey, Blanc and Bubblegum,

Fabric Board

consisting of leather, Viscose Jersey, Leather, Suede, Silk Touch and Ponte Jersey

Collection Line Up

hand drawings of part of the collection

Spec and Muse Board
London Fashion Week

debut with Fashions Finest. Sept 2014

My first collection since launching my own fashion label - Portraits of Elegance was taken from a personal aesthetic and the key pieces from my graduate collection for a contemporary feel.

I looked at modern ballet and how the fabric falls on the body to create a beautiful drape looking at the movement of a ballerina. Taking a personal trip to Paris for inspiration and applying it to my work. Key pieces that were brought back were the ballet leather jacket and ruffle body. Pops of leopard print were featured throughout the collection again expressing a personal take on the designs. Each piece is classy with a unique twist, where detail is very important.


Rhona Anne

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Fashion Designer and Blogger